Jasmine is a 68-lb shep/hound cross, who is currently eating 2 cups..

of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb/Rice plus 1 or 2 chicken wings plus training treats each day. Her training treats are either low-fat Pupperoni or no-fat chicken/turkey hot dogs. She is by no means overweight, but I’ve been told that she could lose a pound or two for top performance (she is an amateur agility dog).

Obviously the first thing I need to do is get some better quality training treats – I’m probably doing enough damage with the Pupperoni and the hot dogs to completely overcome what good I’m doing with the good food. Any suggestions?
They need to be available, simple, not messy, and most importantly, effectivefor the dog. She loves Great Bait, but because of the distribution methods, that isn’t readily available. I’d be willing to make treats, but it’s hard to come up with the right consistency – crunchy is no good because it takes to long for the dog to deal with, and soft ones usually crumble in your pocket or bait bag.

The second question is this: I think she’s getting plenty of grain and protein in her current diet, but what about vegetables? If I wanted to add some vegetables to her diet, what would you suggest, and how much? I found some canned tomatoes with no salt added and she likes those, but they are ready-cut and peeled and that doesn’t make much sense. Will I have to go to the HFS to find whole canned tomatoes? What about other vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, etc.? I saw from a previous post that onions and spinach are bad, and she’s off corn for skin problems.

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  1. William Says:

    I posted a liver brownie recipe that is great for training treats. I used this for an advanced Obedience class that I just finished with my Golden. If you can’t find the recipe in the previous posts let me know. They can be cut fairly small and don’t crumble if made properly. They can also be frozen for longer term keeping. I supplement my kibble with the following:
    Green Peas
    Green Beans
    I also add a powdered supplement called Nupro to her morning kibble because even a high quality kibble losing something in the baking process. Since I have been giving her the supplement (which was recommended to me by others on this list) she has stopped her excess shedding and seems to have more energy (she is 7) jumping thru snowbanks like a puppy.

  2. William Says:

    my vet suggested cutting back on my dogs kibble and feeding boiled grated cabbage in beef broth. i did everything the vet suggested but without upping her exercise it just didn’t work very well. we have upped her exercise and she has dropped 20lbs. her coat is shinier and her stiffness is pretty well gone she is a 7 year old lab with a bum knee.

  3. William Says:

    First, How much weight are you trying to take off of her?

    I would actually suggest you upgrade kibbles first before even switching treats. Upgrade kibble to Innova, Wysong, Flint River Ranch, Perfect Health Diet, Timber Wolf Organics, Wellness or something similiar. Higher quality kibble would mean you will feed less and more than likely she will trim down a bit. As far as treats, I would suggest Jerky or I carry also an excellent bait treat that many people use during agility and shows, etc. My Pork Liver Treats are great because they are firm, small, bite size pieces that don’t crumble or take a longtime for the dog to chew. You can access Dry Baked Dog website catalog at http://www.drybakeddog.com I carry alot of treats, etc that would work great for you.

    If you are already feeding kibble…you really should be adding meat to her diet more so than veggies. She gets more than enough grain and carbos from the kibble. Protein is what she needs more so than anything else. You can feed Spinach just not all the time as it inhibits Calcium absorption.
    Remember everything in moderation. Veggies you will want to feed would be like Yams, Wax Beens, Green Beans, Spinach, Kale, Greens, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Beets. How much kibble are you feeding her? That will determine how much veggies/meat she should get. Also, when adding food to the kibble you should reduce the amount of kibble.

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