Im planning a trip from ok to ga, And the problem is that my shyann 1 yr

Gets car sick. the meds that the vet has put her on makes her real dopey&she wont eat or drink for hours later.And for hours later she just not with it. Has anyone had this problem? and if so is there any other types of homopathic meds that I could try before the trip. the trip is about 18 hrs. one way. Her vet told me that she might grow out of it. but no such luck thus far. She is created in the car. And I have tried not creating her, that dosent help either.Any ideas,the meds that she is taking right now are25mg promacp,And she has to take that 2 hr before we leave. So any hope that this group can give me would be wonderful.just please help!!!!!

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  1. William Says:

    Well I have to reply to this one. My neighbours dog use to get REALLY car sick until I mentioned to give their dog a standard ginger biscuit. Yes the type we eat! Ginger is suppose to stop motion sickness in humans too, so for all those people who suffer, maybe something to think about. You could even feed fresh ginger to your dog in their food the night before or something.
    I myself hate to see animals drugged to the eyeballs and prefer a “natural” approach. Worth a shot anyway.

  2. William Says:

    Buy some powdered ginger in the grocery store, with the herbs and spices. Put some in a few empty gelatin capsules. give one with water.
    In humans at least, ginger has been shown to be better for motion sickness and nausea than the current medications, with no side effects like dry mouth, etc.

    Also, do you give the dog some favorite comfort toy or rug he sleeps on at home? And cover the crate with a few towels, except for one end, maybe. Like with people, the moving scenery might be setting him off.
    And try a few very short trips- maybe to a nearby convenience store, buy him a roast beef or cheese sandwich, something pleasant that he will really enjoy. Give him just a little taste in the car, in his crate.
    Maybe stop after a block or two and give him another little taste. When you get home, assuming he hasn’t thrown it up yet, give him the rest of the sandwich, in his crate, and sound like you are having SUCH a wonderful time. Make it something enjoyable. Car sickness could be a combination of nerves, the motion of the scenery that he cannot tolerate (like seasickness), the movement of the car, etc. Try to minimize the visual stimulation, give him something comorting, make some dry runs to get him used to it, and make them FUN.

    From personal experience, I had a viral inner ear infection last year that floored me- I was extremely dizzy, which made me extremely nauseous. I couldn’t move without the room spinning and waves of nausea overcoming me. My doctor said to buy something called “Bonine” at the drugstore, a motion-sickness pill, and by golly that stuff really worked for the nausea, even as dizzy as I still was. And no drugged feeling- it is “over the counter”. ASK your vet first if it would be safe for your dog. I don’t recall the ingredient, you might want to run to the drugstore and see before you call him. If so, it would probably work very well. It sure did for me. Good luck.

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