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We have decided to put together this dog training website in order to help you train your dogs like true professionals, and we will show you how to raise them, feed them, and care for them in the best possible way.

We have enlisted the help of seasonal trainers, who have agreed to share with all of us their secret and most successful techniques and tips, and we encourage you, our readers, to post your own training methods and experiences as well. The website will touch on great many topics such as puppy training and teething, tricks, reward and punishment, aggression, communication, and even specialized training.

We all love our pets and want to care for them and teach them how to behave properly without using any violent methods, but there are far many situations, where you and your dog can find yourselves into and where you do not know how your dog will react. There are certain behaviors that you would want to avoid during walks, when guests are visiting, when your dog meets other dogs, and when your kids are around.

Watching some of the great reality shows, where a professional dog trainer achieves great results in a matter of minutes might be fascinating, but the truth is that in order to learn how to train a dog, you need to put in a lot of hard work and persistence. Dog training is not a once off event, but has to be done on daily basis, and your dog is not the only one that has to learn new tricks – you need to know the difference between punishment and discipline and you need to understand canine aggression in order to learn how to control it.

Feel free to post a comment and tell us more about your dogs, when and how you started training them, the hurdles that you had to overcome, and the techniques that have given you the best results.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them too since this is the best place to get a free advice from professional and amateur trainers, who would share their first-hand experiences with us.

of Nutro Natural Choice Lamb/Rice plus 1 or 2 chicken wings plus training treats each day. Her training treats are either low-fat Pupperoni or no-fat chicken/turkey hot dogs. She is by no means overweight, but I’ve been told that she could lose a pound or two for top performance (she is an amateur agility dog). [...]

To those in the Mid-Michigan area. The Capital Area Humane Society really needs more Dog Training Volunteers one would work a 2 hour shift one time per week or as little as once per month. This Saturday I will be conducting a “training session” for all dog training volunteers (new recruits as well as current [...]

I have 2 six year-old Jack Russels. One of them, for the past month, has been going ‘#2′ on the rug. I have taken him to the vet, I have limited his dry food & treat intake, I have punished him as well as rewarded him when he goes outside. A week ago I rented [...]

He was with me for about a year and a half. He’s bonded to me. He went to a great home, without other dogs, but one of the guardians is taking him to work with him every day. They called yesterday because he is depressed. (Well he also jumped out of a window and went [...]

but we plan to return in November for a tricks class which Im excited about. Ruby’s an Australian Shepard with teeth like scissors. Since i got her eight months ago she’s probaly chewed through 4 leashes. We were on the couch together I had her tethered next to me, I wasn’t paying attention and she [...]

Gets car sick. the meds that the vet has put her on makes her real dopey&she wont eat or drink for hours later.And for hours later she just not with it. Has anyone had this problem? and if so is there any other types of homopathic meds that I could try before the trip. the [...]

I have recently aquired 4 pointers of various ages (3yr – 6 yrs) that I need some help with. These dogs have varying basic obedience, but none of it is “strong”. They are all good dogs, that just need some training assistance, as do I Sit stays or down stays are being worked on to [...]

I have a german shorthair mix dog who is in need of a lot of work. I don’t have all the time I need to work with her and make her a wonderful dog. I just need the basics. I can’t get through to her though because she is always so excited and active. She [...]

I use all the methods in teaching in teaching that you discuss, plus many more. I think some exercises are more conducive to one method than the other. It depends on the owner, the dog, the exercise, and the time constraints. In a private lesson, I have more leeway to tailor the exercise to the [...]

Sometime in the past six months (exactly how long I can’t remember) I saw a pet portrait done in the ‘Andy Warhol’ style. I’m sure I saw it featured on tv and then looked it up on the internet. OF COURSE I didn’t save the internet address. Has anyone seen anything similar to this? And [...]